08 May 2006

When the world is in the crapper...

and it looks like no one loves you except your family and the people who get paid to love you, what's a guy to do?

Announce a Lower Churchill decision.

May 8, 2006 for Danny Williams.

January 1998 for Brian Tobin. The document is titled "The future is in our hands", which in itself is suspiciously close to Danny Williams' "master of our domain destiny."

Tobin's document is full of quotes familiar to anyone who paid attention to the recent Throne Speech and, indeed to anything Danny Williams has said in the past three years.

Two years ago, when I was given the privilege of taking up the duties of the Premier's Office and of shaping a government, I said that profound change in our society can never be legislated. It must come from the people themselves.

I believed then, as I believe now, that only when we change the way we see ourselves, and when we change the way others see us, will we realize our full potential - to live in a unique society second to none in this country.

We must never accept the seductive notion that someone else, somewhere else, has written the script for this province - a script of poverty and despair. We have to recognize that ultimately we are the authors of our own fortune or misfortune. Our future is in our hands.

If this is true of society, it is no less true of governments. It is not enough to talk about what could have been had the fishery not failed. It is not enough to note the costly mistakes of the past - Churchill Falls, Come By Chance, the Sprung Greenhouse or the dynamite blasts on either side of the Strait of Belle Isle.