13 July 2006

Hey Crawley. Maybe ExxonMobil is hiring.

As The Telegram pointed out earlier today, Premier Danny Williams crapped on the idea of Max Ruelokke as chairman and chief executive officer of the board regulating the offshore oil and gas industry in the province.

Specifically, Williams said: "From my perspective... I want people there who are going to represent the interests of the people of the province. ... I have a problem with the fact that Mr. Ruelokke came out of the oil industry."

The Telly pointed out the obvious contradiction between Williams' attack on Ruelokke and his endorsement of Ed Martin, the former oil industry executive who Williams appointed to run the Hydra corporation.

There's a better question though: If Williams' doubts Max Ruelokke's commitment to the province because he used to work in the oil industry, then what does the Premier think of his own chief of staff?

Brian Crawley used to work for Hibernia Management and Development Corporation.

Nothing like knowing you have the boss' supreme confidence, eh, Brian?