05 July 2006

Who's little friend are you?

Paul Oram, first elected to the legislature in 2003, has one of the gold rings everyone is wondering about.

Paul called one of the local call-in shows today to explain how he came to have one of the golden circles.

Turns out that he received the ring about a year ago from "a friend". Paul wouldn't reveal who the friend was, although he was quick to deny that he received the ring from the legislature's former financial operations director.

According to Oram, once he found out there was a problem with the rings, he returned it to the Speaker's Office.

Hmmm. This is the same Speaker's Office (right next to the Clerk's Office) where the Auditor General couldn't find rings, pins and fridge magnets.

The story gets curiouser and curiouser.

Any bets that one of his "friends" calls Paul and suggests he stay off the Open line shows?