13 July 2006

How to win friends, Danny-style

So Danny Williams hired Navigant Consulting to "audit" the books for the Hibernia Project.

Here's the type of audit Navigant promotes: forensic accounting, money laundering probes and corporate fraud.

Rather than set these guys loose on ExxonMobil, Danny might let them take a peek at the House of Assembly accounts.

Those are the books that the Premier says we might get to see, eventually, if... As the Premier put it on Wednesday, "Now, if at some point in time, the press require full disclosure, the people of the province want full disclosure, they'd get it."

Ok, then Dan-o. Before you take ExxonMobil and book 'em, consider this the point in time when the news media and the public want full disclosure of the House of Assembly books. Let's give the guys from Navigant a contract to run through those books and make their results public.

If nothing else it would strengthen any case you'd have to get a peek at HMDC's books.