14 March 2007

FPI tortures continue

When it comes to Fishery Products International, the provincial government's definition of "public interest" remains inscrutable to the point of making one wonder if the provincial government knows what the objectives are.

It seems to mean screwing with a company purely for the sake of screwing with it.

Then again, the fish minister, right, seems intent on imposing every hideously bad idea from the past when he was last fish minister.

They didn't work then - in fact they contributed to the mess today - and they certainly aren't working now.

Only in Newfoundland and Labrador do people seem to think that if we do the same things again that didn't work before, they might just work this time.

If that isn't enough to persuade you, consider that the same administration that trumpets its efforts to reduce needless regulation for business has a fish minister who has never seen a pointless regulatory burden on industry he couldn't increase.