27 March 2007

Charest hangs onto minority

Among the implications: Danny Williams will almost certainly be forced to work around Quebec and look at no profit or reduced profit.

Of course, Williams has already decided to do anything but sell power to Quebec. He's also said government is seriously considering deferring revenues (read sell power at cost or a miniscule profit) until at least 2041.

There will be much talk - as there has been already - of thinking in the long-term. That's just code for "We've boxed ourselves into a corner and the only way out is to spend your money, taxpayer."

If Joe Smallwood were alive today, he'd be focussed on 2041 too, just Dean MacDonald and Danny Williams are right now. He be calling the below cost power price a case of "deferred revenue".

There was the potential for a Lower Churchill development that made money.

It's been gone since the Premier rejected out-of-hand the joint Ontario/Quebec proposal.

Meanwhile, to get to some serious stuff on the Quebec general election:

1. Big Loser: the PQ.

2. The Big Loser: Jean Charest.

3. Meanwhile, across the river from Hull... expect the Harper minority government to look for a spring general election. There's no link. It's just a suggestion.