12 March 2007

Williams to end blackout

Premier Danny Williams has been going through a self-imposed media exile for about a month.

Russell Wangersky discussed it on Saturday in his regular Telegram column.
And you have to say, it’s probably been the right decision.

After all, in the days leading up to the blackout, things were getting, well, out of control.

The present silence is, without a doubt, an improvement over the media stylings that were taking place just before Williams departed the airwaves, when he was talking about keeping an eye on people and threatening lawsuits against anyone who would call the character of sitting politicians into question.

Sometimes, everyone has to sit back and take a deep breath, and ask whether the direction we’re taking is a fair one, whether you’re in the media or the political community or anywhere else.
The blackout ends today at 11:00 AM. The Premier will be meeting with reporters to discuss provincial ferry rates.

His scrum partner will be none other than transportation minister John Hickey. This one should be interesting for all the questions not about ferry rates.