11 July 2007

Burin radiology timelines

The tick tock:

February 2007: Concerns raised within Eastern Health of reports by a radiologist at Burin hospital. Eastern Health initiates preliminary review of sample of records [Source: News media coverage//Hansard]

May 10: Unidentified officials in Department of Health and Community Services advised of issue by EA officials. [Source: Hansard, Question Period, Answer by Ross Wiseman, May 23]

May 18: Wiseman briefed by department officials on Burin radiologist issue. [Source: Hansard, May 22, May 23]

May 22: Eastern Health announces suspension of radiologist at Burin and a review of 6,000 patient records involving 3,500 patients.

Announcement made immediately before news conference announcing public inquiry into breast cancer testing.

EA chief executive George Tilley states it will take four to five weeks to complete the review, initially stating it would take "several" weeks.

May 24: Minister of Health and Community Services Ross Wiseman publicly orders completion within 10 days. [ Source: media coverage//Timescale - Hansard, May 24]

May 29: End of Week 1 from date of announcement.

Jun 05: End of Week 2.

Jun 08: (Two weeks after announcement) EA announces review of 4,600 records completed. Review did not include an unspecified number of bone density scans that would be completed at an unspecified later date.

Jun 12: End of Week 3

Jun 19: End of Week 4

Jun 22: Through his lawyer, suspended radiologist expresses confidence in his own abilities despite media reports.

Jun 26: End of Week 5

Jul 03: End of Week 6

Jul 05: Wiseman meets with Tilley, accuses Tilley of mismanaging Burin radiologist case. [Source: Wiseman news media briefing, July 11, media debrief by CBC Radio.]

Jul 09: Tilley tenders resignation. EA announces resignation, which came as a "surprise".

Asked about government involvement in Tilley's departure, Wiseman ducks the question, stating that the matter is between EA and Tilley:
"Keep in mind Mr. Tilley is an employee of Eastern Health, and the board chair [announced] the board has accepted his resignation, and those issues in and around that employment relationship are better directed to Mr. Tilley himself," Wiseman told CBC News.

Wiseman described the departure "as a personal decision that Mr. Tilley came to an understanding with his board as to what his future was going to be." [Emphasis added]
Jul 10: End of Week 7

Jul 11
: EA announces 1,000 - 1,100 reports from review unread due to apparent discrepancy in list of patients and reports. Acting EA CEO says list reconciled manually based on scheduling and billing records.

Jul 11: Wiseman admits meeting with Tilley on 5 July and accusing Tilley of mismanaging radiologist issue. [Source: CBC Radio news debrief] vocm.com attributes comment toWiseman that "Eastern Health of Eastern Health did not advise government they needed more time." Wiseman apparently made no reference to his insistence that 10 days was sufficient to read 6,000 radiology reports.