13 July 2007

Docs finger short time span in review foul up

Dr. Joe Tumilty, president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association, said on Thursday that errors in the review of radiology reports from the Burin hospital can be traced to the speed in which the review was conducted.

In late May, health minister Ross Wiseman ordered the review completed in 10 days, while Eastern Health had indicated (likely as Wiseman had been briefed as well) only two days earlier that Eastern Health would need four to six weeks to complete the assessment of records on what was estimated at the time to be 3,500 patients.

Tumilty comments echo ones he made in late May that the review "must balance timeliness with quality control."

Tumility's comments Thursday came in the wake of revelations that an administrative error led to the omission of as many as 1,000 reports from the initial review. Tumilty did not comment on whether or not the review to date had actually balanced timeliness with quality control.