02 July 2007

Stimulus - response

This editorial from the Telegram on June 28 turns up in the Toronto Star on July 2.

Premier Danny Williams likes to throw out these one liners that are essentially meaningless like musing about taking away parliamentary immunity.

In this case it's quipping about Newfoundland and Labrador joining the United States. It's not something he has thought through.

But here's the thing, much like Brian Tobin, Williams knows how to play the mainland media - and some local media - like they were dogs and he was a freakin' one-man Pavlovian handbell choir.

He's a master at it.

And the dog's keep drooling.

And while they are drooling, they can't look at other issues they should be looking at.

Funny thing is, it's not like the media in Newfoundland and Labrador haven't heard a recent Premier tinkle a bell for them on a regular basis so much so that you think they'd be wise to ploy.

The mainlanders can be excused for indulging the theatrics for threatrics' sake.

The local guys?

A bit of a puzzler actually since they actually manage to figure out - sadly after the fact - that they've been tinkled.