07 September 2007

Called at last. Called at last.

The provincial Progressive Conservatives were short candidates in two seats when voting started on August 20.

It wasn't from lack of trying. No one apparently has shown any interest in running in the Grit stronghold of Torngat Mountains.

Meanwhile, the presence of four good candidates in full campaign mode didn't seem to impress the party leader enough to call the nomination in the safe Tory seat of St. John's East, being vacated by the superlative gentleman, John Ottenheimer.

There's been speculation about some secret strategy but that is a smoke screen.

According to local political scuttlebutt, Dan was desperately trying to get his old buddy Dean to take the spot. Dean said no.

Then there was casting about for a Number 2.

Apparently, Valerie took a pass as well.

So now it's down to Ed Buckingham, Dave Crosbie and a couple of others to battle it out in the race that starts officially on September 17. The nomination opened officially at 5:00 PM on Friday and ends - surprisingly - on Sunday.

In the meantime, let's all ponder this one: someone votes early and writes Dean MacDonald on the ballot in St. John's East.

Since Deano was never a candidate for any party, how would that vote be counted?