06 September 2007

Standing by your man via Blackberry

The opposition parties want health minister Ross Wiseman to resign over problems in the province's health system.

Failing that, they'd like the Premier to end Wiseman's second career in heath care. (He used to be a human resources manager.)


That's a pretty standard political cry.

Not surprisingly, the premier is standing behind his man Ross, as he said in a statement coming - presumably - over his comms director's Blackberry:
"He is an incredibly competent, conscientious and hard-working minister. He is dealing with a number of serious issues, many which started under the Liberal administration, and I have great faith in his abilities," Williams said.
Again, a pretty standard response.

But if the Premier really stood behind Wiseman he might have used his own voice and done it by deriding the opposition for yet another lame-assed, predictable pile of drivel.

As it stands, Wiseman got the same endorsement one imagines that Rona and Gordon got just before they were punted to new jobs.