04 September 2007

The Zen of Blogs

Wise One: What, grasshopper, is the sound made by one head repeatedly hitting the computer desk?

Grasshopper: Shagged if I know, Boss. But the head might be banging after finding a serious story about a shortage of urologists in the province linked by Dave Barry's blog in the US, with the suggestion that "Canadian Urologist Shortage" would be a good name for a band?

This one comes with a gigantic doff of the bowler to the cbc.ca webninjas who tied their sites to Technorati.

To update that story, the official position of the regional health authority is that they won't be speaking publicly about concerns raised recently by a local urologist. His concerns led to the CBC story that led ultimately to Dave's World.


Well, Lesson One: just about anyone will find anything funny.

Lesson Two: if you just got the living daylights hauled out of you on a health issue when your media strategy was entirely reactive and didn't say a heckuva lot, then maybe it might time to think of a new concept in public relations besides "no comment".

That second lesson isn't for the comms people invovled - it's for the management types who think silence is an effective way to disseminate information.