26 June 2008

10 Euros to cross the Atlantic

It's hard to know which is worse.

RyanAir's chief executive officer making an entirely inappropriate comment at a Dusseldorf newser announcing the airline's trans-Atlantic service,  Bob LeDrew's title for his post on the newser, or the fact no one seemed astonished at the idea of getting across the Atlantic for a mere 10 Euros.

The discount airline is top of the list in passenger complaints, according to a report in the Irish Times. The whole issue has prompted a raft of Internet traffic which some are claiming is a brilliant marketing ploy by RyanAir. Looks more like a case of the marketing crew at Ryan having to scramble to defuse a bone-headed comment.

Anyway here's the video of the news conference and here a tip of the bowler to Bob who posted this originally.

No word yet on whether the provincial government is in negotiations to bring RyanAir's unique customer service concept to this side of the ocean. One can only imagine what that news conference would involve.