17 June 2008

Resist the hype

or is it the spin about a possible Hebron deal being announced this morning.

Not gonna happen.

Too much left to negotiate.

But that's not to say the Premier won't be saying positive things about Hebron moving along and there being discussions about possibly getting the Hibernia South extensions underway.

Nothing concrete or finalised, mind you.

Just positive, generic words.

And that's all they are.


Only the action counts, and that's the action of pen scribbling across bottom of page.

If there's no news conference scheduled or even under discussion, all the rest is hype and spin. Both are just synonyms for bullsh*t.

Now it's interesting to speculate why one news organization is pushing something that no one in the industry is expecting, so here's a simple proposition for the gang at CBC:

five Bond Bucks - the notional currency around these parts - says the only thing we'll hear from Danny Williams on Tuesday morning are vague platitudes.

Any takers?

0915 Update: 15 minutes of free province-wide radio airtime to deliver... the most generic, stock off-the-shelf government energy speech yet.

The only variation from the stock government energy speech? The sentence right at the beginning that said there was no announcement and, indeed no news on Hebron and Hibernia South.

The kernel of news buried in it? The Lower Churchill project has already been sanctioned. Money will be spent and the only thing that will stop it is, well, nothing.