30 June 2008

Commemoration Day 2008: "Harvard Man tells of War"

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 20. -- Alonzo John Gallishaw will resume his studies tomorrow at Harvard after five exciting months as a member of the British Army in its unsuccessful attempt to force the Turkish defenses on the Gallipoli Peninsula during the Dardanelles campaign.

John Gallishaw volunteered to serve in the Newfoundland Regiment during the Great War. Sent to Gallipoli with the regiment in Septemeber 1915 he was severely wounded and released from military service.

Gallishaw returned to Harvard University. He resumed his studies and subsequently became a noted author and screenwriter.

He subsequently wrote a war memoir, Trenching at Gallipoli, which was published in October 1916.

Gallishaw also co-authored a small "how to" book aimed at the American Expeditionary Force sent to Europe in 1917.  The man in the ranks was a compendium of useful tips on everything sucha s the proper attitude to military courtesy to advice on tooth cleaning;  Gallishaw recommended using tooth powder in a  tin since with a tube, there was always the likelihood a buddy would sit on your haversack and squirt the toothpaste over your clothing and equipment.

The excerpt above is from a New York Times article on Gallishaw, dated in 1916 after he had been wounded and medically released.