01 December 2008

Exercise your franchise: Pick a coalition cabinet

18 Liberals.

6 New Democrats.

You guess 'em.  Bonus if you can suggest the portfolios. The links above take you to the current caucus for each party.

Leave a comment to make your guess. [Note:  for this contest, we'll relax the rules on anony-comments.  Of course, if you want to collect the prize, you'll have to come out of the cyber closet at some point so we can wing your winnings to your mailbox via Canada Post.]

Almost immediate update, but with goodies attached:  An inveterate e-mailer reminded your humble e-scribbler that it's a good idea to offer prizes.

Well, okay. 

Sound suggestion.

Good idea.

The person who comes closest to the actual coalition cabinet (names only) will be the proud recipient of a new-design Bond Papers coffee mug (suitable for java or your spare change) and a Clyde Wells lapel button for your collection of campaign memorabilia.