13 January 2009

Freedom From Information: Bull Arm

From The Telegram, the latest exploits of the supposedly most open accountable and transparent administration in the history of mankind: 

A fire that caused $323,000 damage to an offshore fabrication site operated by the provincial government’s energy corporation. Revealed through exemptions to the public tender act filed six months after the fire.

Jeers: to keeping things quiet. Here's something you might not have known: the Bull Arm fabrication site had an electrical fire that needed repairs costing more than $323,000 - and it didn't happen yesterday, either. The fire was in July. We'd be none the wiser save for a line in the public tender exemptions filed in the House of Assembly just before Christmas. Funny how everything from exemptions to the public tendering act to appointing judges to turfing out members of Memorial University's board of regents seems to happen either late on a Friday afternoon or else during the Christmas doldrums.