20 January 2009

Leading a Great City…

right into the ground.

The City of St. John’s became the object of national attention again, but not for a good reason with the attack on Tim Hortons. 

To make matters worse, Mayor Doc O’Keefe didn’t help make himself and the rest of council look smart when – a mere 24 hours after the attack started – he claimed that there was nothing new in the ban on drive throughs.

What a crock.

Now true to tradition, the crowd at Tammany at Gower cancelled the earlier attack motion – raised the white flag of defeat more like it – having discovered that there really isn’t much of a problem in the first place that isn’t being addressed already.

How many times did city council adopt a move and then vote the very next week to undo the move during the past 10 years?  Anyone recall the silliness about the supermarket by the lake project.

It’s on.


It’s off.

Hang on.

It’s on again.


And it isn’t just Doc.

It’s the whole crowd – Hann, Ellsworth, Coombs, Puddister to name just four – who either carry on with silliness of their own or enable the goofier ones like Doc.

A pox on all their houses come the fall.

They will all likely face some serious challenges for their seats.