06 January 2009

Nice work if you can get it, patronage appointments version

Voice of the cabinet minister puts a happy government- face on the news that the provincial government just appointed Ed Drover to the offshore regulatory board on a “part-time” basis.  That’s a wee bit odd since the board isn’t a full-time job anyway.

Well, it’s also a bit odd that a radio station that started out claiming to be the Voice of the Common Man has flipped 180 degrees, but that’s another issue.

CBC’s Here and Now reminded everyone in the province tonight of two things.

First, the guy who got the plum is a well-known Provincial Conservative fundraiser.

Second, they reminded us – as CBC reported last April  - that the guy and the company he worked for are being sued by a former employee of the life insurance company who claims “she was verbally abused, harassed and bullied while on the job.”

No less a personage than Olympic gold medalist and Danny icon Brad Gushue had a few observations about the guy as well:

Gushue was employed as an adviser selling London Life products for nine months beginning in 2001. When he quit in June 2002, Gushue wrote to company vice-president Jim O'Neill, saying the office was led through "intimidation and fear."

Gushue alleged Drover addressed him in a "very unprofessional and inappropriate manner" in a meeting, and also said that when he quit, Drover called him "a failure."

So what is it about this cabinet and appointments to the offshore regulatory board?  Andy Wells and now this guy, neither of whom have any obvious background or experience in anything related to the offshore industry.