06 July 2010

Another new era…

Last Friday, it was a new era in fisheries research, supposedly.

Truth be told, a government that either doesn’t know what to do on a subject or that is afraid to do anything will launch a study. It’s a marvellous way of avoiding an actual decision while appearing to do something.

Friday’s $14 million buys a lot of avoiding and appearing without actually doing anything at all except spend yet more public money.

Meanwhile, the provincial justice minister will unveil a new era in corrections at ten in the forenoon this glorious July 6 as he unveils a brand new panel van in front of the Confederation Building.

A new truck, or as the media advisory christens it, a “prisoner transport vehicle”.

Masters of our domain we shall be as we enter a new era in criminal locomotive relocation on a go forward basis.

The universe can scarce withstand such wonders being unleashed so close together in time and space.

Ye gods!


Unfortunate optics update:  organizing a ministerial newser to unveil a new pick-up truck is one thing, but positioning the results of government’s latest “investment” – no shit,  the release actually says “invested” – in front of the provincial legislature just invites a host of jokes.

Incidentally, the new Crimporter can hold up to 16 prisoners at any one time.

Don’t worry Jennifer.  No reason for them to suspect who is paying you. <weg>

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