01 July 2010

June Traffic Drivers – Happy Canada Day!

Of the 12,500 visitors who read 17,260 pages in June, these are the top 10 pages for the month:

  1. Sun News?  Ya gotta be kidding
  2. Five years of secret talks on the Lower Churchill:  the Dunderdale audio
  3. Telling quotes:  Lower Churchill version
  4. A Crown corporation by any other name
  5. Eventually the other guys will lose
  6. Salma Hayek and Maria Bello freak out over a snake
  7. Potential GFW mill buyer in German bankruptcy protection for the second time in six years
  8. Lower Churchill costs:  now up to $14 billion and counting
  9. Roger Fitzgerald’s bias
  10. The World the Old Man Lives in (larger picture)

The top post for June isn’t surprising at all: word of a new news channel in the country caught attention across the country.

But look at Number Two:  the story the local conventional news media  have deliberately ignored for 10 months.

Right behind that, another Lower Churchill story that gained some national attention after the Premier’s speech in Ottawa. More people read that post that showed up for the speech.

Once again, a post on the sorry state of our provincial democracy made the top 10 list.  This time it is one about the political culture that feeds the current dysfunction. Add that to the one about Roger Fitzgerald’s blatant partisan bias  - a most unwelcome trait in a Speaker - and you can tell that a fair number of people are concerned about the decline in public life in the province.

Now let’s see what July looks like.