10 July 2010

Traffic Drivers, July 5 to July 9

  1. And no fish swam
  2. NB opts for second nuke over Lower Churchill
  3. Economic recovery -  not exactly as illustrated, part deux
  4. Offshore board announces two more  calls for bids 
  5. New NS-NB intertie to cost more than $200 million
  6. Ho hum
  7. Another new era…
  8. The harsh reality
  9. Tentative deal at Vale in Ontario
  10. Are you smarter than a cheese grater, now?

Not surprisingly the commentary on the provincial government’s foray into fisheries science was a clear favourite among readers.  A mention on the Fisheries Broadcast on Monday  - thanks John Furlong - certainly didn’t hurt to bring more attention to it. Leading the Broadcast is a pretty big deal.

Two related posts – one from 2008 (#6) and another on the oceans “strategy” consultation (#10) – also proved popular this week.

New Brunswick also proved popular with the Number Two post on the decision in NB this week to study a possible second reactor at Lepreau.  Ditto #5.

And then, there’s the post on economic issues in central Newfoundland (#3).  There’s an underpinning theme in this, ably summarised by a regular reader in a comment on another post:  “What drives "growth" in our province, presently? The GDP from Oil and govt spending, and the inflationary housing market. One of those factors is beyond our control, the other two are largely artificial.”

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