10 July 2011

Dexter admits NS didn’t do Muskrat Falls homework

In an interview with The Coast, Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter admits his government didn’t exercise due diligence before signing onto the Muskrat Falls project:

The Coast: Has the Nova Scotia government commissioned any cost comparison between Hydro Quebec and Lower Churchill?

The Premier: The costs with respect to the project, of course, have to be submitted as part of the financing for Nova Scotia Power. That analysis takes place in the same way as any other costs going into their rate requests.

The Coast: But have you compared Hydro Quebec power with Lower Churchill...

The Premier: I haven’t asked the department whether or not they’ve done that work.

Dexter also showed his ignorance of geography.  He told The Coast that he expected the Muskrat Falls power would be cheaper than power from Quebec because it is farther from Nova Scotia than the Labrador power.

Of course, the reason the Nova Scotian government didn’t have to compare costs is because Emera will get the power from Labrador for free.

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