23 July 2011

Traffic in the heat of the Summer of Love 2011

Fire trucks, Twitter and a 60 year old who dropped a hundred pounds in six months wanting a job today she didn’t want six months ago.

Must be the Summer of Love 2011.

All that is fodder for another post.  For now let’s just check out the 10 stories most Bond Papers readers were pondering last week.

  1. Free tuition at NL university for Nova Scotians;  NL NDP leader
  2. Like Momma always said…Part Deux und Trois
  3. From the Earth to the moon
  4. And Harry won’t be running either
  5. Rumpole and the Cardinal Rule
  6. Nurturing a democratic revolution
  7. Bullshit then or now?  Nalcor boss changes story on Muskrat megadebt project and natural gas
  8. Making the Most of our Energy Resources – Oil and Gas in the Future
  9. Former Tory fin min not giving up fight against Muskrat
  10. Containing Ottawa’s Skyrocketing Power Bill

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