09 July 2011

Traffic for people lined up at the Basilica

This was an amazing week in Newfoundland and Labrador politics. 

Summer arrived with a vengeance, traffic at the humble e-scribbles is back up and the theme this week seems to be cock-ups.

Natural resources minister Shawn Skinner starred in a couple of posts this week, although one of the incidents wasn’t his fault.

In at the number two spot is noob Bloc NDP member of parliament Ryan Cleary in what is likely to be the first of many appearances in the parliamentary year-end gag reel. He’s getting attention for his poor choice of words.  It should be because the comments were a load of malarkey. 

For those who want some humour with the Saturday morning Internet browsing, the title of this post is a play on Cleary’s inappropriate language (see the Number 10 post) See if you can figure it out.

Number three is a wannabe provincial Conservative candidate who is accused of chucking an electric drill at the cops in an incident that also involved an RV.

And on it goes.

  1. Skinner makes false statement in letter to Telegram editor
  2. Makes it official, then
  3. Definitely cabinet material
  4. Loan guarantee for Muskrat Falls “electioneering” says NDP MP from Quebec
  5. And this just in from K-L-A-N news
  6. Skinner throws AG under a bus
  7. You say potato.  I say road apple.
  8. And there goes another one
  9. Okay, so it wasn’t a bus after all
  10. Trade talks with Europeans = “doing back-room deal with group of serial rapists”

- srbp -