28 September 2011

Disconnect #nlpoli #nlvotes

Kathy Dunderdale says:

"[Joan Burke]'s not intimidated by Mr. Aylward, nor should she be," Dunderdale said …

but then the sentence finishes with:

…during one of a series of stops in St. George's-Stephenville East.

Joan’s so not intimidated that the party leader made a series of visits to the district.

Kathy Dunderdale says she doesn’t see the need for a leader’s debate on Muskrat Falls:

We're not hearing it and our candidates are not hearing it door to door. It is not an issue…

And it is so much not an issue that the provincial government’s energy corporation has been flogging it anywhere and everywhere they can and it features prominently in the Conservative election platform.

The actions do not match the words.


- srbp -