17 September 2011

Traffic without Danny Rolls

Danny Williams had no roll in this week’s traffic.

No buns.

No loaves either.

But as it turns out he had a big role in the posts that went to the top of the week’s list of the 10 most popular scribbles.

Just like he had a big role in pushing Liz Matthews as vice chair of the offshore regulatory board.

And that’s the top post from last week.

  1. Williams set to offer comms director plum patronage job
  2. The first big political story of the campaign
  3. To you with affection from Danny
  4. An ex-Premier scorned
  5. Dipper candidate screwed by Tory election law mess
  6. The Popeye Algorithm
  7. @cbcnl using Nalcor lobbyist as election commentator
  8. Privacy commish sues Dunderdale gov over “political” e-mails on gov comps, phones
  9. Good to the last vote:  Grit version and The Arrogance Factor
  10. Good to the last vote:  NDP paints own caricature

- srbp -