27 March 2012

Tory and Dipper leader in approvals tie in NL: poll #nlpoli

An unspecified number of people polled online in Newfoundland and Labrador by Angus-Reid approved almost equally of the job done by e Premier Kathy Dunderdale and New Democratic party leader Lorraine Michael.

The margin of error for the entire poll of more than 6,600 Canadians in nine province is given as plus or minus 1.2%.  There’s no indication of the margin of error for Newfoundland and Labrador.

What’s most interesting though is the matched approval ratings.  More respondents disapproved of Dunderdale than Michael but more respondents were not sure of their opinion of Michael compared to Michael.



Not sure

Kathy Dunderdale




Lorraine Michael




Respondents were asked:

Do you approve or disapprove of the performance of each of the following people?

Dunderdale’s approval is down five percentage points from December 2011 and three points from August 2011.

That gets more interesting when you compare Dunderdale over a longer period.  For example, 35% of respondents were not sure about her in February 2011, the highest undecided result for any Premier in the survey.

One year later and those undecideds have moved to the “disapprove” column.  Her “approved” rating is at 55% in 2012 compared to 55%* a year ago.

Here’s how things looked last summer:

According to the latest Angus-Reid poll,  43% of respondents are satisfied with Kathy Dunderdale’s performance as premier down from 55% in February and 67% for her predecessor last November.

Undecided remains at 35% of those polled.

But here’s the thing:  Those who said they were dissatisfied with Dunderdale’s performance went from 10% in February to 23%.

Kathy Dunderdale may be Premier but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some serious political problems to deal with.

- srbp -

*corrected number