28 June 2012

The Premier and her glass house #nlpoli

One of Kathy Dunderdale’s more obnoxious qualities is her love of insulting other people.

She couldn’t let the House close without doing it a few times just for good measure.

There’s nothing witty in Dunderdale’s insults.  Nor is there anything that could pass for clever in her jabs.  That’s part of what makes her comments obnoxious:  they are just crude.

There’s another part to it that, like her predecessor who loved the same sort of crap-talk,  Kathy is the Premier of the province.  When she carries on like that she winds up setting an abysmally low standard of behaviour for public officials.

It’s undignified. It’s degrading to the province and to the people she should be honoured to represent. 

On another level, Kathy Dunderdale’s remarks are sad and maybe even just a wee bit pathetic.

You see, what Kathy Dunderdale displays every time she takes one of those cheap-assed jabs is really her own feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. She has to tear other people down personally, presumably to make herself feel better.  The Old Man used to do it, too, and it was just as sad when he did it.

But if Kathy Dunderdale was truly concerned about the calibre of debate in the House of Assembly, if she really want ed to set a high standard, she might consider some of the gang she leads. 

He’s gone from the House of Assembly now, but Kathy’s former colleague Paul Oram wasn’t famous for knowing much about anything.

And if the Premier wanted to clean up her own act and that of her colleagues, she could start with a stern rebuke to Lake Melville MHA Keith Russell.

People like Kathy Dunderdale, who live in glass houses, should not throw stones at other people.