26 November 2013

Serial Fraud Artists #nlpoli

Some old fellow by the name of Williams once said that there was no greater fraud than an unkept promise.

He said that around the time he promised to bring in a law that would protect public servants who protected the public interest by disclosing wrongdoing.

Well, he never kept that solemn promise to protect whistleblowers.

And the crowd who were in office with him when he made that solemn promise on their behalf reaffirmed yet again on Monday that they have no intention of keeping their promise.

The old fellow had all sorts of excuses.  The rest of them have different excuses.  Here’s the latest bunch of media lines, delivered in the House of Assembly by the guy whose Twitter ID is @King_Darin.  For those who may not know he is the province’s justice minister:

I appreciate the member opposite posing that particular question. I have been very clear and upfront on that on any number of occasions. We do not have any intentions of bringing that forward this particular session of the House, but we are not ruling out bringing it in the future.

After six years of broken promises – political fraud, by their own definition – no one would be blamed for taking King’s last comment as adding insult to the injury he and his colleagues have already done with the original broken promise.