12 November 2013

Christmas Book List: How Newfoundlanders got the baby bonus #nlpoli

Amid all the new books hitting the shelves this fall, there are a few  worth adding to your list either for yourself or as gifts.

Over the next couple of weeks,  SRBP will highlight some of the fall’s crop of new books.

First up is a book from former lieutenant governor Edward Roberts.  He is the author of How Newfoundlanders got the baby bonus, new this fall from Flanker. 

It’s a collection of 49 columns that Roberts wrote for the Transcon weeklies across the province from 2010 to 2012.

The columns touch on familiar topics in  Newfoundland and Labrador’s political, economic, and military history as well as a few people might not already know.  Each of Roberts’ columns is well researched and there is a handy list of suggested readings as well as a bibliography for those interested in further reading. 

Don’t think, though, that this is high-brow stuff.  Roberts’s writing is entertaining and informative, full of colour as well as facts.  His style has rhythm and is probably best read out loud as it betrays Roberts’ years as a lawyer and as a member of the House of Assembly.

Make no mistake:  Roberts has done his homework.  The chapters may cover some familiar territory, like aspects of the Confederation battle, but Roberts’ accounts are based on some of the most recent historical scholarship, not just popular conceptions and misconceptions.

This is a book for nan or pop, for sure. It is also one that will prove its value to junior high or high school students or merely for someone looking to learn more about the place and the people they hold so dear.

Now that Roberts has this little gem out of his system perhaps he will write a memoir of his time in public life.  There’s a book to watch for.


Next up:  A timely thriller from your evening news anchor