05 November 2013

The New Lorraine Party #nlpoli

Make no mistake.

This is not your New Democratic Party.

For those who are active members, they cannot even say that it is “our party”.

It’s hers.

Provincial NDP leader Lorraine Michael met reporters on Monday for a scrum after the first day of the new sitting of the legislature. Reporters wanted to ask her about goings-on in the House of Assembly now that two former NDP caucus members had bolted to sit as independent New Democrats.

Every time that Dale Kirby or Christopher Mitchelmore rose to speak on a ministerial statement, Lorraine pointedly refused to give the unanimous consent of members needed. 

Lorraine had a simple comment for reporters:

“We have two people who have left my caucus…”

Her caucus.

That says it all.

Welcome to the New Lorraine Party.