18 December 2014

The Lunatic Fringe #nlpoli

If the provincial Conservatives have done nothing else with their European trade charade,  they have breathed new energy into the political lunatic fringe that opposed the trade deal before they even heard of it.

In the latest offering from the batshit crazy corner of the political spectrum, a local fellow from the self-styled Council of Canadians has issued a news release that claims that the deal means the provincial government is being asked to give up “a constitutional right not to have any further control over the processing sector.”

The Council of Canadians offers no evidence whatsoever to back any of that. 

They could start with the mention of minimum processing requirements in the constitution.  Then they could proceed to explain how eliminating a policy that the provincial government already routinely waives is “giving up any further control” over the fish processing sector.

This doesn’t even count as hyperbole.

It is just absolute, unfiltered, unfettered bullshit.

It is the political equivalent of the claims made by anti-vaccine loons or the 9/11 truthers.

If these are the only people supporting the provincial Conservatives plan for a free trade deal whine-a-thon (spit take for Peter Jackson) are anti-free traders, then the Conservatives should immediately reconsider their position.