11 December 2014

Time Lag #nlpoli

On Wednesday,  Premier Paul Davis announced that Ken Marshall had been appointed chair of the board of Nalcor and an unspecified number of Nalcor’s subsidiaries.

Danny Williams’ old business buddy has been on the Nalcor board since 2004 and he’s been the acting chair of the board at Nalcor since earlier this year.

Note the date:  10 December 2014.

Now check out the order in council issued on 04 November 2014:

Under the authority of section 7 of the Energy Corporation Act, the Lieutenant Governor in Council is pleased to confirm the appointment of Mr. Ken Marshall as Chairperson of the board of directors of Nalcor Energy.

There’s another cabinet order issued the same day that appointed Ken as the chair of the board of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, and yet another one directing the board of directors of the Lower Churchill Development Corporation to appoint Marshall as chair of that board, and yet another one directing the board at Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation to put Ken in the chair there as well.

Surely it didn’t take the boys a month to gazette all that.  After all, the appointment to run Nalcor and the Hydro corporation were cabinet appointments that should have taken effect the day they were made not a month and six days later.

The short news release announcing Ken’s appointment said the appointment to only one of the four jobs cabinet gave him said the thing had immediate effect, as if the appointments only happened on December 10.