29 December 2014

Great Unposted Predictions #nlpoli

Sometimes you find the strangest things among the draft posts.

Here’s a sample from a January 2012 draft post that never saw the light of day that offered a forecast for the political times ahead:


  • Party Leaderships:  All three political parties will have leadership contests starting with the Liberals in 2013.  Dale Kirby will become the de facto NDP leader before Lorraine actually quits in 2013. Brad Cabana will take a shot at the job anyway, just so he can say he did the hat-trick. Steve Kent will emerge as the leading candidate to replace Kathy Dunderdale who will announce she is stepping down in 2014.

As it turned, the Liberals had a leadership contest.  Dale Kirby quit the New Democrats because Lorraine Michael wanted to be leader but didn’t want to prepare for the next election.  He later joined the Liberals. 

Meanwhile, Lorraine announced in a year-end interview with NTV that she doesn;t plan to stick around long after the next election.  Kinda makes you wonder why she fought tooth and nail to keep the job.

Kathy Dunderdale did quit in January 2014.  Steve Kent came in second in the second kick the Conservatives took at trying to find a leader.