13 May 2009

Nose-puller alert: Frank and Brian never spoke after 1987

Via the National Post,  a description of a bit of Brian Mulroney’s testimony at the inquiry into the whole Airbus mess:

His relationship with Frank Moores, at one time a great friend, was “nonexistent” after 1987, when Moores trashed Mulroney’s government. “I simply severed communications with him completely.”

Does anyone else find it hard to believe that Brian Mulroney and Frank Moores didn’t speak – even once – during the period after 1987?

Like say, maybe around the time of Meech Lake?

Maybe September 1990?  Frank was here for the Hibernia signing but the poor old e-scribbler brain can’t recall if the Prime Minister at the time made the trip as well.



The Mound of Sound said...

In 1988 Stevie Cameron received an anonymous, hand-printed letter claiming that it was Frank Moores who received a 5% Airbus sale commission of roughly $100-million, not the paltry $20-million Schreiber is said to have received on the deal. On a deal of this magnitude, $20-million would be more in the order of a 'finders fee' gratuity like the one Schreiber pocketed on Bears Head, not a sales commission.

Cameron has posted the original, anonymous letter on her blog.


I've always thought that, if Mulroney did line his pockets on Airbus, the money would've come from Moores, not Schreiber. Who knows, maybe there was a falling out because Frank shortchanged Brian on his cut? Dead men tell no tales.

The official line goees that Mulroney left Ottawa essentially broke. Doucet went to Schreiber essentially asking him to cough up some cash to keep BM off the sidewalks. But then Mulroney buys a $1.7-million house in Mtl (apparently a cash deal) and proceeds to put another million dollars in renos, money that Stevie Cameron claims was paid, in cash, to the various contractors.

Then there's Mulroney's curious story yesterday about stashing his Schreiber money in safes or safety deposit boxes and leaving it there, in one case even moving it from one safe to the next as he changed residences. Why would anyone leave that kind of money sitting idle, gathering dust in a safe? You would have to have a reason for that, several reasons perhaps. Among them would be the reason that you were sufficiently flush with cash that it wasn't worth touching the Schreiber money.

So many questions that will probably go unasked.

Anonymous said...

Nobody in this whole mess can be trusted.

KH-S doesn't want to go to jail in Germany, and is pissed his old political connections won't help him anymore.

BM is trying to bash Harpper for throwing him under the Bus, just as history started to tonne down the bile towards him, and restore/keep whatever legacy he had.

Old team Mulroney are trying to cover their own arses.

What a web.