26 May 2009

Government computer system fails

The much vaunted office of the Chief Information Officer failed today as an unspecified electrical failure collapsed the entire provincial government computer system.
Internal and external systems are down and there’s no word when service will be restored.
The central computer agency, which has experienced phenomenal budget growth since being created by the Williams administration, evidently does not have a viable computer business continuity plan.  A functioning plan would involve switching to a back-up system or using redundancy to avoid  a single failure from shutting down all operations.
They're back Update:  A news release issued at 3:30 PM advised the public that the electrical problems at Knuckles 2 had been fixed and that systems were coming back on line. While that release is time stamped at 3:30 PM, systems weren't back on for some sections until sometime after that. Ministerial statements and a news release related to the House of Assembly weren't posted until 4:40 PM and after.