06 May 2009

Indy going under

Apparently, it has nothing to do with anything other than the trends in the market.

People don’t read newspapers evidently, especially ones that are following a fairly conventional advertising revenue approach.  As we know from the local experience even getting a massive weekly infusion of government cash doesn’t help.

Before the newspaper types get all incensed, your humble e-scribbler doesn’t think that newspapers are really going to die.  There’s a place for them in the news world of the future.

What needs to change is the information delivery model and the revenue model.

People just aren’t reading the conventional papers like they used to do, and as a consequence, the revenue is drying up from advertisers. 

Take a look across the United States and you will see bastions of the newspaper world  from Boston to San Francisco struggling to keep alive.

That’s a clue.