08 May 2009

Sound familiar?

A bunch of politicians accused of living high on the public hog and getting into an argument about what the rules permit.

From Guido Fawkes:

Guido has been shouting about the Green Book Rule changes which came into force on April Fools Day - and politicians really do take us for fools. To stop all the rule breaking by MPs they came up with a clever solution. Scrap the rules!

Meanwhile, there is a hunt on for the person who leaked information on the story to the papers.

The Mother of Parliaments might wind up following the path taken in the Bow-Wow Parliament once the whole thing explodes.

We could loan them a Chief Justice who could sort the mess out quite nicely.

In the meantime, it might be interesting to find out if any of their cash from their spending scandal had been directed to paying party campaign expenses as has been the case here, albeit something the ruling party isn’t at all interested to see investigated with the same judicial vigour.