31 May 2009

Whatever happened to…

1.     The Sustainable Development Act (2007)?

2.  The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act (2007)?

3.  The Court Security Act (2004)?

4The Health Research Ethics Authority Act (2006)?

5.  The International Interests in Mobile Aircraft Equipment Act (2006)?

6.  The Architects Act (2008)?

7.  Embalmers and Funeral Directors Act (2008)?

8.  Fire Protection Services Act (2008)?

9.  Promised legislation on midwifery to replace the act repealed last December?

10.  A gas royalty regime promised in the 2007 energy plan?

11.  A new oil royalty regime promised in the 2007 energy plan?

The Provincial Government will also establish a new Generic Offshore Oil Royalty Regime based on principles and structure similar to the Offshore Natural Gas Royalty Regime. In the case of satellite field developments that use existing field infrastructure, adjustments to the regime may be made to reflect the robustness of satellite field economics, including consideration of recoverable reserve size and the potential that costs of existing field infrastructure may have already been recovered.