18 January 2010

Push back on Grenfell

Things are not good in Corner Brook if the local daily the Western Star is making this strong a statement about the Premier’s recent  - and just the latest -  public attack on someone within the province:

The premier’s comments are unprofessional, misleading and irresponsible. He owes the residents of Western Newfoundland and Labrador, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College and especially Holly Pike an apology.

You’d have to be living here for the past seven years to realise just exactly how strong these words really are.

The fact they come from the newspaper serving the Premier’s district makes them stand out even more.

And the fact that they are in public, in print, just makes the old chin hit the old floor all the harder.

Alex Marland take note.



Winston Smith said...

The Telegram should take note, too. Compare the Western Star's strong & sincere stand with the Telegram's lame Dale Carnegie joke and Wrath of Dan jab in today's "cheers & jeers."

John L Matchim said...

Veiled references all around. What exactly was said? What does Alex Marland have to do with this?

Winston Smith said...

Well, my comment was meant to be simple. I thought that today's "cheers & jeers" in the Telegram compared poorly to the Western Star's editorial.

The Telegram's response to Williams' latest bullying was to offer a mixture of snarkiness and humour (hence the references to the "Wrath of Dan" and "Dale Carnegie"), which is the way it typically reacts to his histrionics. By contrast, the Western Star's response was to offer an unqualified condemnation of Williams' outburst and to demand an apology.

If there is anything veiled here, it's the Telegram's stand on Williams' bullying. The Telegram's editorial board has gone to the sarcasm well too many times when it responds to Williams' outbursts. Perhaps their editors genuinely find Williams' antics amusing, or perhaps beneath serious commentary, but their attempts to satirize his bullying do not work, in my opinion. The Western Star's direct and unqualified rejection of Williams' outburst was, like
David Newell's trenchant editorial in the Advertiser, a breath of journalistic fresh air.

Ed Hollett said...

@John L. Matchim:

I quoted the strong bit of the Western Star editiorial. it's the bit indented and in italics. Follow the links for the Alex Marland reference.

Nothing is veiled. It's all there.

@ Wm and Winston: Yes, the Telly was as gentle as a puff-ball.