25 April 2005

Living with a Hearn-ia

This story in the Globe makes comments by Loyola Hearn and his buddy Norm Doyle just a bit funny.

In trying to gain some backing for their stand against the government's budget bill, both Peckford-era cabinet ministers (remember the wild spending by their boss and the Sprung greenhouse they approved?) have been talking about the 22 or 23 measures lumped into Bill C-43 along with the offshore revenue money.

Well those "difficult", "controversial", "contentious" issues in C-43 that the old boys find so difficult include tax cuts liked by the business community, money for seniors, the cities' gas tax credit and money to promote early childhood education and nutrition.

Now the Globe story refers to the death of tax cuts due to a partnership between the New Democrats and the Liberal government, but here's the funny part. The Conservatives have been beating the drum against Bill C-43, not the New Democrats. The guys threatening to bring down the government before C-43 passes are guys like Loyola Hearn.

You remember Loyola? He's the guy from Renews who has been biding his time as the sham-member of parliament for St. John's South-Mount Pearl.

Anyway, if I was Thomas D'Aquino, I'd been putting the squeeze on the Conservatives. Their hunger for an election against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Canadians is the reason parliament is in a jam at the moment...

and money for everyone is being threatened.