09 June 2010

Will anger-ball performance still work with mainland media?

The Old Man’s publicists decided to let the world in on his sooper sekrit speaking engagement in Ottawa with a media advisory issued at 9:00 AM on the day it takes place.

BP readers already knew about the gig from a post on May 27.

In the meantime, the mighty Ceeb is offering a live feed with “sparks promised.” Well, unless he’s planning on setting off some actual Roman candles in the ballroom of the Chateau, this will just be yet another tired rehash of the same old stuff.

This paranoid delusional ranting makes for good entertainment – slightly behind Friends re-runs -  but the locals in Ottawa might be just a wee be tired of the anger-ball thing.  What will be more interesting will be any scrum to see what questions the mob of reporters in Ottawa might pose. 

Especially considering the biggest unreported story in Danny-ville remains his five years of trying to get HQ to buy equity in the Lower Churchill.

Does the moustache tickle update?  Jerome! is in Ottawa with the Old Man.