09 June 2010

Vermont’s energy future found… in Quebec

Sometimes it takes a while for news to reach your humble e-scribbler.

Still, news from this past March is topical.

Seems that Vermont and Quebec are working on a 26-year power purchase deal to supply the state with some lovely Hydro-Quebec electricity. A final deal is expected this month.

“I recognized then that Canada and Quebec would be critical to Vermont’s energy future, our border security and our economy,” said [Vermont Lieutenant-Governor Brian] Dubie. “So I visited the Canadian Embassy in Washington for a high-level briefing on our relationship. I learned that for a number of reasons, our official relationships were strained. So I made a commitment then to reestablish the lines of communication and repair those relationships.”

Observation1:  You don’t make friends being a perpetual anger-ball. 

Observation 2:  If NALCOR actually had markets for the Lower Churchill, they’d have money and if they had markets and money, they’d be building the Lower Churchill instead of wasting time and huge amounts of public cash using weak-assed arguments at Quebec’s energy regulator trying to stall running NALCOR’s [non-existent] Lower Churchill power through Quebec.

Observation 3:  Sparky speeches at the Chateau Laurier add up to a cup full of warm spit compared to a real contract to deliver power for 26 years.