08 February 2011

Here’s to hoping…

That all those cabinet ministers and political staffers working hard to take Humber West for Grantered and the Conservatives are not campaigning on the public dime. 

Annual leave or leave without pay.

But campaigning on the public payroll?

Not on.

- srbp -


Wm. Murphy said...

I agree 100%....you should also ask the same question to Scotty Andrews who knocked on a few doors as well.

I wonder how manny staffers and MHA's took the required annual leave when they were trotting around with Shane Kennedy and Joy Buckle?

Also wonder what lead up work for the big spring convention is sitting on Lib staffers desks waiting for attention during business hours?

Just saying Ed...wouldn't want to leave the impression that this behavior is one sided and isolated to the PC's!

I bet glass houses must be cold this time of year

Wm. Murphy said...

Sorry I forgot to mention...you should also ask the same question to Ken Dryden as well. I can just imagine that he reached into his own pocket to pay for a return ticket to Deer Lake....and then scurried back to his office to fill out his annual leave slip. Please remind to have a look at his expenses when they appear on line!

Btw, I have mentioned that I fully support Watton in his quest to become MHA...he would make a great Memeber and I hope he wins.
What torques me out is your assertions that staffers and Cab Mins from the PC's are the only ones not claiming annual leave. It happens all the time...Is it right...not by a long shot. But to somehow fire an arrow only across the PC bow, is laughable and frankly an indication that your Liberal blinders are getting bigger.

If you wake up the dogs Eddie then you might as well open the gates too!

I am also sure that when Mark reads your comments he will roll his eyes and try to figure out how to rationalize the fact that some of his door knockers are also on the public purse.

Well done Ed