22 November 2005

Bond makes parliament. Not.

Cue the music.


Robert Bond.

Agent 006.9

License to annoy.

The Blocheads brought up alleged Central Intelligence Agency flights through Newfoundland.

This has been covered already on the Bond Papers with a bit more detail than offered by Canadian Press.

Here's a story that ran in Saturday's La Presse, in which Anne Maclellan claims there's no reason to believe the aircraft under contract to the CIA transitted Canada carrying any detainees.

La Presse and others have shagged up the story by focusing on the Cessnas.

I have the records, Anne, for more interesting aircraft that definitely flew through St. John's. There may not have been detainees on them - we really don't know for sure and never will - but there's no doubt that airplanes identified by many sources as being under contract to the CIA have routinely used Canadian airports on their way to and from Europe. The most recent flight was last week.