17 November 2005

Will Charlie Sheen be applying?

This story from CNN covers Heidi Fleiss' latest business venture.

Charlie Sheen was a client of her old business, according to some stories. Perhaps he can be an employee or business partner this time around.

Curiously, CNN describes the patrons of Fleiss' former business as being "wealthy actors and clients". As if the actors - like Sheen - were not availing themselves of the charms of the young women Fleiss provided to keep the gentlemen company.

On the other hand, one of my favourite actors, Tom Sizemore, will not be applying. It was a messy story that included accusations that Fleiss doctored photos purporting to show bruises inflicted by Sizemore during their relationship.

Read the whole interview, though, and you can get a sense of a guy with a lot off what people euphemistically call "issues".

Still doesn't stop him from being a good actor.

Scroll down the right hand side of the blog and there's a link to Black Hawk Down - a Sizemore flick and one I categorize as being anti-war.

A fine movie.