14 November 2005

Then there's the latest... [updated]

from the non-partisan, unbiased, scrupulously fair and by no means possibly conceivably a

Reflexive Grit Loather.

A blog that comes with a comments section, further evidence of its commitment to open-mindendness and freedom.

RGL's latest offering is a commentary on a days-old wire story from who - Canadian Press? - that suddenly morphs into clippings from a Conservative Party anti-Paul Martin website.

Tell the truth, Liam. You weren't in Buchans this weekend.

You were drafting questions soundbites for the Connies on the Commons finance committee to use on Ralph Goodale.

[Update: Liam O'Brien advises that he took the anti-Martin quotes from Warren Kinsella.


It may not be a Conservative Party site but it is anti-Martin. I got it half right on the origin, but the end result is the same.

The story Liam commented on may have appeared on Monday, but odds are good, knowing the Telly, that the story was filed over the weekend sometime.

Again though, while that may have given me some minor chuckles as I posted it, the point was that of all the things going on, Liam O'Brien elected to post yet another tirade about Paul Martin.

Fair enough. It's his blog.


At what point did I express any concern about attacking the PM, other than noting here that there were better things to talk about. My noting that someone's comments are anti-Martin doesn't make me, by reflex or logic pro-Martin. This isn't just some point of sophistry; it goes a long way to explaining how things get twisted - sometimes needlessly - by misunderstanding.

I swear I am going to have to start writing: "This is in good humour!" on some of my posts.