16 January 2006

An agenda of hope

Under a Conservative Harper government, will Canadians learn to

1. Hope that the Connie finance minister is better at math than the guys who worked on the Connie campaign?

2. Hope that Steve Harper is the second coming of a Progressive Conservative prime minister of the country rather than the rebirth of a provincial premier?

3. Hope that Stockwell Day doesn't become either the foreign affairs or health minister?

4. Hope that the Conservatives aren't the party of hidden special interest groups? Check out their Jack Layton ad (Jack Talk) for a good laugh at pot calling the kettle names.

5. Hope that $2.30 cents a day actually adds up to choice in child care?

6. Hope that Dave Frum doesn't get a job writing speeches for the Connies only to give him more fodder for another tell-all book?

7. Hope that the CBC isn't sold to Fox?

8. Hope that political parties will stop tossing around the word Nazi like it means nothing?

9. Hope that Stephen Harper says the same thing in every place in the country? As opposed to "It's different in North Bay, and I will deliver a different speech in North Bay," he said. "I try to match my speeches to the crowd."